Homeowners are increasingly looking to alternative housing solutions. One such solution is shipping container homes. A shipping container home is built using a standard shipping container such as those found on cargo ships. They are built with heavy gauge steel, constructed to withstand the movement of the seas for years as well as the rigours of being loaded and unloaded onto ships.

Once purchased, the containers can be redesigned to the owner’s specifications. Since most containers are the size of an RV or single-wide mobile home, few modifications to the exterior walls are needed. The containers are insulated, framed and a house is built inside. Windows are cut and framed into the sides. Air conditioning and heating is mounted to the walls or the ceiling. The entire house can be transported to the site like a mobile home, the difference being that this mobile home is built on a vehicle frame and has to have the tires removed at the destination. The shipping container home is set into place on a permanent foundation.

Two or more containers can be attached together for a larger home and when finished or painted, resemble modern housing. Because they are metal, shipping container homes stand up to the elements far better than traditional structures and are impervious to insects, rodents, molds, mildew or rot. With regular maintenance, they will outlast most wooden homes.

If you’re unsure about the soundness of a container, a person familiar with their construction and homes built from them should be consulted. One tried, tested and cost-effective source of shipping containers is Premier Box Shipping Containers, with depots across Australia. Get a quote online by visiting http://premiershippingcontainers.com.au/get-a-quote.html or call us at 1800 601 194.