1. Redondo Beach House
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Location: Redondo Beach, California USA
Client: Anna and Sven Pirkl
Designer/Architect: Peter DeMaria of DeMaria
DesignCost: $125/sq ft
Distinction: 2007 American Institute of Architects – Excellence in Design/ Innovation Award 2007
Use of Shipping Containers: 8 Shipping Containers used, varying sizes
Size: 4 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bathrooms
Features: Spacious living room with 20-foot ceilings, in-ground shipping container swimming pool, glass-panel airplane hangar doors, natural ventilation. 

Constructed in 2006, this home is one of the first official shipping container houses in the USA. This stunning home in Redondo Beach was constructed from recycled steel shipping containers in conjunction with conventional building methods and prefabricated assemblies. Assembling 70% of the house offsite lead to substantial time and cost savings, as well as a reduction in construction waste.
Shipping containers are renowned for their strength and durability, and make this house resistant to fire, mold and termites. In fact, the industrial aesthetic of the shipping containers has been embraced in the design of this home. 

2. Recycled Shipping Container Home, Quebec, Canada

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Location: St. Adele, Quebec, Canada
Designer/Architect: Bernard Morin and Joyce Labelle of Maison Idekit
Cost: $175,000
Use of Shipping Containers: 7 Shipping Containers used
Size: 4 Bedrooms, 3000 sq ft in total
Features: Recycled wooden cladding on exterior walls, exposed shipping container panels in interior’s design.

3. Infiniski’s Manifesto

Location: Curacavi, Chile
Designer/Architect: James & Mau
Use of Shipping Containers: 4 Shipping Containers used
Size: 160m sq
Project Year: 2009
Features: Recycled wooden pallets on exterior, airy and open living spaces, sliding walls for natural ventilation, geothermal heat pumps.

The Manifesto House takes environmentally conscious construction to a whole new level with up to 85% of its exterior and interior being created from recycled, reused and eco friendly materials. Utilising a prefabricated and modular design allowed for cheaper and faster construction methods. The wood pallets on the house’s exterior can be opened or closed depending on the need for natural solar heating or cooling, and are a unique feature of the design.

4. Adriance House 
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Location: Brooklin, Maine, USA
Designer/Architect: Adam Kalkin
Cost: $125/sq ft
Use of Shipping Containers: 12 Shipping Containers used
Size: 4000 sq ft
Project Year: 2003
Features: Floor to ceiling windows, double height garage door style opening, industrial yet cozy aesthetic.

5. Zigloo Domestique
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Location: Victoria BC, Canada
Designer/Architect: Keith Dewey
Use of Shipping Containers: 8 Shipping Containers used
Size: 2000 sq ft / 185m sq, 3-4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms
Project Year: 2006
Features: Open living, dining and kitchen space, efficient soy-based spray foam insulation, in-floor heating system, green roof.

6. Quik House
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Location: Califon, New Jersey, USA
Designer/Architect: Adam Kalkin
Use of Shipping Containers: 12 Shipping Container used
Size: 1920 sq ft, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms
Project Year: 2009
Features: Takes less than 3 months to assemble onsite, 75% recycled materials, shipping containers hidden behind drywall in interior but exposed on exterior.

7. SG Blocks Container House



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Location: Displayed at the 2008 West Coast Green Conference
Designer/Architect: Lawrence Group
Cost: $150/ sq ft
Use of Shipping Containers: 5 Shipping Containers used
Features: Solar power, Agilewaves resource monitoring system, 

8. Mobile Dwelling Unit
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 Location: Exhibited at Whitney Museum of American Art, USA

Designer/Architect: LOT-EK
Use of Shipping Containers: 1 Shipping Container Size: 500 sq ft
Project Year: 2003
Features: Singular prefabricated unit, easily transportable, extruded sub-volumes, interior constructed of plywood and plastic coated plywood, built-in furniture.

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