If you’re looking for a holiday home with a difference then you might like to think about recycled shipping containers which are made from one of the strongest steels in the world and are resistant to atmospheric corrosion, can withstand harsh conditions, and better still you can take them anywhere!
You can put it on the back of a four wheel drive and see the countryside or relocate it to your block of land out in your favourite part of the world. Imagine those weekend getaways!

Why use a Shipping Container for Your Holiday Home?

Shipping containers are eco-friendly and energy saving and by turning a shipping container into a holiday home you will be contributing to the green revolution. Recycling is an innovative use of used shipping containers that would otherwise sit idle on Australia’s docks.
With a little imagination you can transform a used shipping container into just about anything at a lower cost and with a quicker construction time than conventional building methods. Shipping containers are modular and can be combined to make a larger dwelling so you can take your friends and family along on the holiday! Shipping containers come in standard sizes and are designed to interlock with each other which simplifies design ideas and makes transportation easy.

Made from Corten steel, shipping containers make the ideal option for your mobile home as Corten steel is 40% stronger than regular steel so once you have your new holiday home decked-out on the inside you can put a deck or maybe a garden on top without fear of it collapsing. It is important to distribute the weight evenly on the top as it is the four corner posts that support your shipping container.

All Decked Out

All decked out by the sea, in the country and in the suburbs – anywhere you can think of!
The shipping container cabin below is located on an Army Base in Sri Lanka and was built for a Lieutenant Colonel. It was constructed in less than a month and designed to enjoy the stunning water views.


The cosy retreat below has a small sink and shower from which the grey water is recycled to water the garden on top of the shipping container.


Because of their solid steel structure shipping containers can be securely locked up and left for periods of time – lock and leave security. They are also leak-proof and can withstand strong winds – after all they’ve survived many months at sea!


Baches are an iconic part of New Zealand’s culture – they are the little beach houses you find dotted along New Zealand’s coast. The “Port-a-Bach” unfolds to comfortably sleep two adults and two children and includes a kitchen and storage cupboards. Simply open it up on the good days to let the sunshine and fresh air in or seal it up on those not so good days and keep out the wind and rain.


All Terrain Cabin

This Terrain Cabin, built from a 20-foot shipping container, “unfolds” to a 480 square feet self-contained holiday get-away. The cabin from the “Bark Design Collective” is a Canadian creation and includes green features such as solar panels, a generator that runs on biodiesel fuel, composting toilets and a rainwater tank.


Just remember it is important that you plan your foundation properly and to do that you’ll need a solid, well prepared base to construct your new shipping container holiday home otherwise you may encounter problems … read more.

While shipping containers were originally purpose-built for the distribution of products around the globe, Architects and Green Designers are turning to “cargotecture” for a more affordable and environmentally-friendly way to build houses.

Particularly when planning your holiday home, you should consider the affordability, portability, robustness, and security of a shipping container, not to mention the recycling aspect of re-using a shipping container.

How do I get a Shipping Container for my Holiday Home?

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